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The perfect replacement for Clef

If you used Clef before, we offer you an even more complete solution to log-in on a web page created with WordPress.

What do you think about to forget all the usernames and passwords that you use for your WordPress pages?

Probably you want forget about all those notebooks that you never find where you have the passwords pointed, or always use the same password for every single site, giving insecurity for you and your customers. No need to be logged into a computer, that is very unprofessional.

A good way to end this style of managing users and passwords is to use verification by reading a QR code that NoMorePass offers.

QRcode, forget clefThanks to the installation of the NoMorePass plugin on our website and through our mobile device it is very easy to authenticate. It is as easy as the page asking us to capture the code that will appear on the screen to be able to identify successfully.

Finally, NoMorePass is available for your Android or iOS smartphone and is very convenient to use anywhere.

The main difference between Clef plugin and NoMorePass is that it does not require two steps to validate us, it is more direct and simple. You save time and it’s safer.

There is a video explingn the whole process to have NoMorePass working in your wordpress site in a minute, clef never was so easy:

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